About Normand Electric

Tucker Normand, Master Electrician

Tucker currently has a decade of electrical knowledge and field experience. After graduating high school, Tucker continued his education at Lakes Region Community College while working in the residential and commercial field. 

Tucker has worked for a few different companies, taking knowledge from some of the best master electricians in the state. He had the opportunity to work in high end residential electrical where he discovered a big passion for the spectacular and has performed work at some of the highest levels. His determination to provide people with what they want and beyond is his goal. 

Outside of work, you can catch Tucker out and about! He’s very supportive to the businesses in his community. He loves to be on the lakes, having fun in the sun. When he’s not on the water, he out with his dog, Trip on long walks in different places in the state.

So if you see him out, don’t be afraid to say hello!


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